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I hope to be in a city near you. Here are all my upcoming dates. If you would like to see me in your city please contact me below.

New queens of country
July 22, 2023
streamline hotel
Daytona Beach, fl
4:00 pm
Sothern Fellow's Birthday Bash pre-party
july 28, 2023
Sugar Works Distillery
New Smyrna Beach, fl
6:00 pm
Sothern Fellow's Birthday Bash
July 29, 2023
chases on the beach
New Smyrna Beach, fl
12:00 pm


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Hi there! I’m Jordan Mohr, a nineteen year-old singer songwriter from Orlando, FL. I love to sing and perform, and spent many years involved in theatre. I recently decided to step away from acting to focus exclusively on my music, as I have always loved to sing more than anything else. I have spent more time singing in my parent’s bathroom than I care to admit!

I started my artist journey in 2021 when I was introduced to DME Artist Development in Orlando, FL. There, I began to work on my craft, write and record. I enjoy many different genres, but country music has captured my heart. I love a good story and a good guitar solo, and you can still find both in today’s country music.

It’s been so much fun working with my team in the studio and I’m really excited to announce that my debut single, “Haunted House,” dropped in October 2021. Cowritten with Michael and Caroline Walker, it’s a song about not knowing what happens behind closed doors. So often we assume someone’s life is perfect, especially through the lens of social media, but when you pull back the curtain there can be a lot of pain and heartache. I’m so proud of this song and hope that when people listen to it they come away with a little bit of a changed perspective.

In addition to music, I’m also a total foodie. I love to cook, especially since my family has a business teaching kids cooking classes. I enjoy spending time with my friends outside, playing ping pong, or just chilling by the dock. I’m an animal lover and have a white cat named Summer.

I’m so glad you’re here and I’m looking forward to taking you along with me on this crazy journey! Drop me a message so that we can connect, because I’d love to get to know you, too.


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